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Young Adults will be heading to Camp Cedar Crest in March for the PSW District Young Adults Retreat.

Come and join us this year for our annual Young Adults Retreat! We will be having a Fiesta this year! AND A MECHANICAL BULL!!

Location: Camp Cedar Crest, Running Springs, CA

Cost: $135 DEADLINE: March 20th

Why do we retreat? Let's face it: We all get distracted throughout the usual hustle and bustle of our day. Whether you are a college student or not, truth can become blurry and pressures can really begin to weigh in. Camps and Retreats can afford young adults the opportunity to step away from the distractions to think clearly and experience Christ in a fresh way. Jesus sets for us this example, as He would often retreat to desolate and quiet places to seek the Father and pray (Mk 1:35). Winter Retreat is a high concentration of community, discipleship and fun!

Why should I attend the winter retreat? When I ask students "so when did Jesus begin to make the most sense to you? "The answer I almost always get is either winter camp or summer camp! For many, camp becomes the beginning of deeper faith and God-sized dreams! Even when we think about the beginning of our own faith, we are usually drawn to memories of specific environments that afforded us unhurried time to think, breathe and worship. Usually, those spaces included specific people who were bent on showing us more of Jesus. Winter Retreat creates that unforgettable environment and includes those faces that will forever become a part of the future faith stories of young adults.

How old do I have to be to attend? All young adults between the ages of 18-29 are welcome to attend

What does the cost of the winter retreat cover? The cost of the winter retreat covers just about everything: 4 meals, lodging, transportation, all activities and retreat keepsakes.

What is the cut-off date for retreat registration? The cut-off date is Monday, March 20th, so be sure to sign-up fast!

Are there any retreat discounts? We would hate for finances to discourage any young adults from attending retreat. If your family would benefit from a partial scholarship, please contact Pastor Mike at

What will we do while at the retreat? Our winter retreat is created to engage students with the gospel in ways they understand. You will enjoy nightly rallies, high-energy worship, small group discipleship, tons of fun and other special retreat exclusive elements!

What are the sleeping arrangements ? They will be staying in gender specific cabins.

Can I partially attend? Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate partial attendance for retreat.

How will be transported to winter retreat? Currently we will be transporting everyone in a combination of buses and/or vans. All vehicles will only be driven by The Church On The Way approved and responsible volunteers.

What will I eat while away? You will be fed three square meals a day and provided with all necessary nutrition. 

Where can I find a packing list and general schedule? We have all of those details in the Registration Packet which can be downloaded during online registration or you can get a physical copy from our gatherings.


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  • Mar 24
    1:00 pm
    Mar 26
    1:00 pm
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